Everything you need to know.


  • netShelter has an open peering policy and do not require a formal peering agreement.
  • Peers may only send traffic to destinations announced by AS49697
  • Peers may only send traffic originating for their own / customer networks
  • Peers are not allowed to point static routes towards AS49697
  • Peers must operate an NOC which is reachable by phone (optional) and E-Mail
  • Peers should cooperate in any case of abuse

Peering points

IPv6 2001:7f8::c221:0:1/64 2001:7f8:33::a104:9697:1
Port speed 10G 10G
  • MD5 Authentication is supported but not required
  • Prefixes shorter then /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6) will be discarded
  • Bogon ASN will be discarded
  • Bogon prefixes will be discarded
  • RPKI invalid prefixes will be discarded
  • Prefix limit will be used for all peerings


Transit AS31025 AS6939 AS39912 AS47950
Connection via PNI DE-CIX PNI PNI
Port speed 10G 10G 1G 1G

Informational Communities

Community (RFC 1997) Description
49697:9999 Routes netShelter
49697:1001 Routes learned from OJA AT (Transit AS3912)
49697:1002 Routes learned from GHOSTnet (Transit AS12586)
49697:1003 Routes learned from Hurricane (Transit AS6939)
49697:1004 Routes learned from LNK Systems (Transit AS47950)
49697:2510 Routes learned from DE-CIX
49697:2511 Routes learned from KleyReX

Action Communities

Community (RFC 1997) Description
49697:666 Blackholing of /32 and /128 IP Addresses
49697:5001 Don't export prefix to transit AS47950
49697:5002 Don't export prefix to transit AS6939
49697:5003 Don't export prefix to transit AS47147
49697:5102 Don't export prefix to IXP DE-CIX
49697:5201 Don't export prefix to downstreams