IXP Transit RS

To support non-profit networks we have built an IP-Transit RS.

How does this work?

If you are interested in free transit, just configure a session towards our route-server and let us know your PeeringDB URL. You can choose between a fulltable or a default route. The RS is directly connected to the KleyReX peeringlan.

Peering details

AS205927 (netShelter RS) 2001:7f8:33::a120:5927:1 KleyReX

The following upstreams already provide a full feed to the route-server

Transit upstream Do not annouce large-community Port speed
AS49697 (netShelter) 205927:0:1 10G
AS58299 (Openfactory GmbH) 205927:0:2 1G
AS209844 (vps66.cloud / Jan Gilla) 205927:0:3 1G

Peering rules

  • Private AS numbers may not be used.
  • A peer may not point a default route at any upstream (use BGP filtering).